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Pure Vitamin C + E Concentrated Brightening Serum

Pure Vitamin C + E Concentrated Brightening Serum

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Pure vitamin C + E concentrated brightening serum is a powerful filler-free highly concentrated all active pure Vitamin C serum formulated to effectively support skin brightness, evenness, and radiance, visibly reducing hyperpigmentation and dark spots while protecting the skin from UV damage and free radicals.

Silk-like in texture this is a dual serum formulation that contains 20% pure vitamin C (l-ascorbic acid), considered the most effective form of Vitamin C. Formulated to deliver the highest concentration for maximum results, this serum hydrates leaving a soft glow while assisting in keeping vitamin C from oxidizing on the skin. 

About TAHNYC: Voted TAHNYC x VOGUE Best Serums. Conscious, Powerful, Clean Beauty. Created with powerful active centered filler free molecular skincare, TAHNYC is the first and only brand dedicated and focused on creating filler free skincare, raising the clean beauty standard, formulating with powerful actives and nothing else. Actives are ingredients that have scientific data to show they’re effective at addressing a skin concern. Our signature dew, water like consistency is what all TAHNYC's products feel like because they do not use bulking, filling, texturizing add-ons in their formulations. They use clean Cellular Peptides paired with powerful skin identical, skin replenishing Molecules and organic Naturals to replenish and activate the skin’s natural function. TAHNYC is made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, colorants and fragrances. 

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